Zion Williamson New Orleans Pelicans T-Shirts

It’s a matter of time until Zion Williamson becomes a New Orleans Pelican. And the city, the NBA and the world will be abuzz to see how the basketball phenom will perform in his first year.

No doubt, the Crescent City will embrace Zion; not only because of his humble nature, his passion for the game, his highlight-worthy basketball plays, and because the 6-6 forward leaves it all on the floor every time he plays. The city will respect that.

Having created a fan site for Zion, no doubt have a lot of faith in him and we’re confident that he’ll immediately win over the NOLA, if he hasn’t already. If you feel the way we do about Zion Williamson, feel free to wear it on your sleeve or have it represented on your chest with these Zion Williamson t-shirts.

ZION as New Orleans Pelicans Logo T-Shirt (Buy Now)

This Zion shirt riffs on the New Orleans Pelicans logo and is available in multiple colors.

Zion Williamson T-Shirt

ZION in ZION Tee (New Orleans Blue/Gold) T-Shirt (Buy Now)

This Zion Williamson caricature has Zion wearing Zion in New Orleans Pelicans colors and is available in multiple colors.

Zion Williamson Tee

ZioNola T-shirt in Pelicans Team Colors Red Shirt (Buy Now)

This clever t-shirt combines Zion and New Orleans’s nickname “NOLA” together and is available in multiple colors.

Zion Williamson Shirt

Zion Williamson screams in New Orleans Pelicans Tee (Buy Now)

This Zion Williamson t-shirt features the phenom in his Pelicans jersey celebrating after a made basket and is available in multiple colors.

Zion Williamson Pelicans Shirt

Zion Williamson Front and Back Shirt – Pelicans Red (Buy Now)

This simple Zion Williamson shirt features the classic New Orleans font and has Zion on the front and Williamson on the back. Only available in red and heather red.

Zion Williamson name t-shirt

New Orleans Zion Logo T-Shirt (Buy Now)

Another Zion Williamson tee that remixes his name with the New Orleans Pelicans logo. This is also available in multiple colors.

zion shirt

Zion Williamson Strong New Orleans Pelicans T-Shirt (Buy Now)

This Zion shirt might be available in multiple colors, but we love the black on black look of the shirt pictured.

Zion Shirt

More About Zion Williamson Shirts

Another reason why New Orleans will take to Zion Williamson is that he’s also from the region. Born and raised in South Carolina then moving up to North Carolina to play basketball at Duke, Zion is much more familiar to those in the Big Easy than a player from Los Angeles or Portland.

Not into any of the shirts above? Check out our Zion Williamson jerseys page.

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