Zion Williamson New Orleans Pelicans jersey

Now that it’s been established that the New Orleans Pelicans will get the #1 pick in next months’ NBA Draft, it’s pretty much a lock that the Pelicans will choose Zion Williamson with the top selection.

No doubt Pelicans fans are excited to have Zion in an New Orleans Pelicans jersey. Not only will it potentially help with trying to keep Anthony Davis, who infamously requested a trade during last season, but even if Davis decides to leave, having Zion will make it easier for them to move on from The Brow.

Zion Pelican Jerseys

Having Zion don the red, navy, white, and gold colors of the New Jersey Pelicans uniform is an exciting prospect and welcome respite for those that suffered through the Davis drama last season.

And in preparation for that eventuality, the team and stores have already started printing up Zion Williamson Pelicans jerseys into production.

We’re not sure how Zion will fit in and whether Davis will stick around, but we’re excited for him to team up with another bulldozer of a forward in fellow left-hander Julius Randle and the severely underrated Jrue Holiday.

The easiest decision is that Williamson will get he choice of his jersey number as no Pelicans player on the current roster wears either ones of his preferred jersey numbers, so Zion can choose his number one jersey that he wore at Duke, or the #12 jersey he wore in high school back in Spartanburg, South Carolina.