What is Zion Williamson’s Net Worth and what will his NBA salary pay him?

Any website that has estimated Zion Williamson’s Net Worth prior to being drafted into the NBA wouldn’t be an accurate number. However because we do know what he NBA pays first year players in their rookie contracts.

Zion Williamson Net Worth, Salary

According to the NBA rookie pay scale for the 2017-18 NBA season, Zion Williamson will earn $5,855,200 in his first season followed by $6,949,900 and $8,121,000 in the two following seasons. Altogether his rookie contract would be worth nearly $21 million dollars (USD) or to be exact — $20.9261 million.

It’s worth mentioning that after his third year, there are additional team options that will could extend the rookie contract to nearly $45M thru the 2022-23 NBA season.

Now this data is is a couple seasons old, we won’t know the scale until the end of June. That’s because the NBA determines the salary scale for the upcoming season around June 30th — 10 days after the 2019 NBA Draft.

Sponsorships and Other Revenue

As you may or may not know, a professional athletes’ net worth isn’t solely based on how much they’re being paid by the team that signs them to the contract. The biggest superstars earn a significant more money through sponsorships, commercials, investments, partnerships and revenue from their own businesses.

Since Zion hasn’t been officially drafted yet, he hasn’t accepted any sponsorships, but just last month Master P and Romeo offered Williamson a $20 million shoe deal with MoneYatti – the two’s luxury designer shoe brand

“I know Zion gonna get a big shoe deal from Nike or Adidas or whatever. We gonna get him a deal just to have to wear shoes outside of basketball,” Master P told¬†TMZ Sports.¬†“Just to wear it on the side, not in the game, I’m saying $20 [million].”

Zion was impressed and humbled, but held off on any decision — which was a good move considering that the young player’s expected shoe deal could exceed $100 million with one of the big brands Nike, Adidas, Under Armour and Reebok.

“If Zion doesn’t change, I predict that he will be the first basketball athlete at 18 years old that the world is rooting for to become a billionaire. I say billionaire, very easily,” former Nike Exec Sonny Vaccaro told ESPN. “He is going to have an opportunity to be the face of every company and every major corporation. He is the most marketable person I’ve seen, for a lot of different reasons.”

Zion Williamson Net Worth in College (2018-19 NCAA Season)

Williamson was obviously a college basketball player prior to being drafted by the New Orleans Pelicans and becoming an official NBA player.

College players don’t earn a salary — though there are some argue that if that player is a scholarship player, that’s worth something. Let’s play Devil’s Advocate and entertain this idea. According to College Simply, the annual average cost at Duke University is approximately $71,764 which includes tuition, room and board, books, school supplies and other expenses.

That said, a scholarship certainly isn’t liquid. Meaning that when Zion Williamson decided to leave Duke after his Freshman season and enter the NBA Draft, the university wasn’t responsible to pay him the three years remaining on the his full scholarship. However since we’re playing that game — based on the average costs of attending Duke — four years at Duke University on a full scholarship is worth around $287,056.


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