Zion Williamson parents

Who are Zion Williamson’s parents and who is Lee Anderson?

With an intense of a spotlight that Zion Williamson has been under since approximately the second game as a Duke Blue Devil, it’s not a surprise that fans and media are interested in knowing every corner of the basketball phenom’s life.

With professional basketball players, there’s always the typical questions around the player’s height, weight, age, high school stats and other traditional queries, but when you’re the focus is as magnified as Zion Williamson has felt, the scrutiny is past the traditional fare.

Zion Williamson parents

Who are Zion Williamson’s Parents?

Zion Williamson’s biological parents are Sharonda Sampson and Lateef Williamson. After having Zion was born in July of 2000, Sharonda and Lateef separated.

Sharonda would raise Zion by herself until about the age of four when she re-married Lee Anderson. That’s when Anderson became Zion’s stepfather and the two have been together since.

Who is  Zion Williamson’s Mom?

Sharonda Sampson is Zion’s mother. Sharonda who is a middle school teacher and ran track & field for Livingstone College when he met Lateef Williamson. We won’t know the details of their romance, but we know they had a son named Zion and he became so famous that you’re reading an article on his family.

In any case, Zion is considered a mama’s boy and enjoys hanging out with his mom watching.

“He’s a mama’s boy and when we get time alone he’ll come over and we’ll watch the cartoon called Naruto,” Sampson said, per Deadspin. “I don’t know what that is, but we’ll sit around and we’ll watch that. So, yeah, you don’t know that about him.”

If there was any doubt that Zion leans on his mother for support, look no further than when Zion infamously injured himself vs. in-state rivals North Carolina. “I was sitting there, on the training table, the game was on,” Zion described to North State Journal. “ My mom walks in, and I broke down. I’d been thinking about that game for so long. … I just cried in her arms. She told me that everything happens for a reason. She told me I’d be back.”

Who is Zion Williamson’s Dad?

Lateef Williamson is Zion Williamson’s biological father. Like his son, Lateef participated in college athletics in the state of North Carolina where he played NCAA D1 football at North Carolina State.

With a familiar 6-foot-5, 260-pound frame, Lateef played defensive end for NC State before he transferred to Livingstone College due to his grades not being up to snuff; ultimately costing him his scholarship.

At Livingstone College, that’s where Lateef would meet Sharonda Sampson. The two would be together for a few years before separating. They would have one child, Zion Lateef Williamson was born on July 6, 2000 in Salisbury, North Carolina.

According to his Facebook profile, Lateef currently lives in Darlington, South Carolina.

Who is Lee Anderson to Zion Williamson?

Lee Anderson is basically Zion’s dad, but technically is Zion Williamson’s step-fathe.r. Anderson has been with Zion since he was four years old. Zion acknowledged this in an Instagram post during Father’s Day in 2018.

In that post, Zion gave thanks and appreciation to both of his fathers. First to Anderson for everything he’s done then to his biological father Lateef. Williamson wrote, “Happy Father’s Day to my step dad, who has been there for me since I was 4, teaching me the game I love and showing me how to be a man. To my real dad, idk if he will see this, but happy Father’s Day, always will have love for ya💯

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