What is Zion Williamson’s vertical leap in inches

What is Zion Williamson’s Vertical?

No doubt that Zion Williamson is a great basketball player. Unfortunately, his greatness is hugely diminished by casual fans of the game. We estimate that approximately 90% of his skill, feel for the game, defense, and intelligence are ignored because he’s also an athletic freak of nature that often results in highlight-worthy slams and blocked shots. Even Zion himself wants to be known more than a dunker; he dislikes being categorized as such.

Well, you can’t blame basketball fans for watching your dunks when they’re this spectacular and when you often put on shows worth watching over 95% of what’s available on Netflix.

How High Can Zion Jump

When you can jump as high as Zion Williamson can, basketball fans notice, but just how high is Zion Williamson’s vertical jump? We don’t know the exact results, but many media outlets have reported that Zion’s vertical jump was o high that he cleared the Duke vertical measurement system three times – we read that as Zion going above the highest possible number. That’s pretty nuts, Duke did tweet out that Williamson set a new school vertical leap record, but didn’t specify by how much. It’s probably because he jumped higher than the highest measured point.

Later on, Michael Grange, a sports reporter for Sportsnet, reported that Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski mentioned that Williamson’s vertical leap reached 45 inches. If true, that’s better than LeBron James, Dr. J, Vince Carter and Dominique Wilkins‘ reported vertical leaps and one inch less than Michael Jordan‘s 46″ inch vertical leap.