Professional NBA Troll Enes Kanter calls Zion Williamson “overhyped” angers Pelicans’ Julius Randle

Enes Kanter is a an NBA Troll.

Not a literal one, but he’s the 7-foot incarnation of those idiots you find on YouTube comments that post anonymously. At least those fools that post provocative comments know to hide their faces behind blank avatars. Kanter just can’t help but run his dumb mouth looking directly into the camera; masking his low IQ opinions behind the idea that he’s afraid to speak the truth.

He struck again yesterday when he was asked about Zion Williamson on Colin Cowherd’s “Herd with Colin Cowherd” show. Cowherd was clearly a fan of Zion’s and pushed Kanter for his opinion before blurting out:

“I kinda feel like he’s overhyped.” Kanter finally replied. “I feel like he is Julius Randle with hops.”

Oh so not only does he trash Williamson, but he brings another players name in it — Zion’s kinda teammate Julius Randle. Let’s be clear, both of those young players are better than Kanter on any measure.


Of course, Zion let it slide, but Randle couldn’t. tweeting out: “Yo @EnesKanter last time you guarded me I had 45 bro relax lol” referring to when Randle scored a career high 45 points vs. the Portland Trailblazers in a loss to the Blazers.

Of course, the foolishness didn’t end there. Despite nearly every one else that has a basketball job thinks that Zion is a generational talent, Kanter might have recognized that and back tracked a little.

Somehow calling out Williamson for being an above average player with some extra bounce, he went on to say that he thinks that if Zion puts in the work and develops a jump shot, he could be a Hall of Famer.

Okay Kanter.

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